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10 rivers in Terengganu exceed danger levels

ByYusuf Shukri

KUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 25: Continuous downpours in Terengganu since last Friday have caused ten rivers in five of its districts to exceed dangerous levels.

As of 3.15 pm today, the water level of Sungai Besut in Besut District rose to 37.56 metres (m) and 24.14m at Jambatan Keruak and Kampung La respectively, while Sungai Nerus in Setiu was at 21.24 m at Kampung Langkap and 17.99 m at Kampung Besut.

Sungai Dungun in Dungun district registered the highest reading at 38.88m at Kampung Pasir Raja, followed by areas in Hulu Terengganu; Sungai Peneh at Felda Mengkawang (38.57m), Sungai Berang at Kampung Menerong (25.33m) and Sungai Tersat at Kampung Sekayu (23.00m).

Two more rivers exceeding danger levels are Sungai Tebak with water levels of 18.77m at Jambatan Tebak Kemaman and Jambatan Jerangau (12.67m) – another area in Sungai Dungun.

Meanwhile, the five rivers in Terengganu with water levels that has exceeded alert levels are Jambatan Jerteh, Besut; Sungai Nerus at Kampung Bukit and Sungai Setiu at Jambatan Permaisuri, Setiu; Sungai Telemong at Kuala Ping, Hulu Terengganu, and Sungai Marang at Jambatan Pengkalan Berangan, Marang.

As a safety measure, several roads were closed not only due to floods but also landslides as of 2.00 pm.

In Hulu Terengganu district, Jalan Kampung Matang/Nibong/Bukit Tadok, Hulu Terengganu, is open to heavy vehicles only, while Jalan Kampung Jak/Kejir and Jalan Pelata are closed to all vehicles.

In Dungun district, Jalan Tok Kah Jerangau and Jalan Tepus Kuala Jengai, Dungun, are closed to all light vehicles and open to heavy vehicles. – TVS

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