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TVS is available nationwide on Astro Channel 122, as well as on Astro Njoi and Astro GO

Yes we do! Our channel in MYTV is the same as in Astro, which is Channel 122.

Don’t worry! You can find daily updated episodes of our TV programs on our YouTube channel. Just subscribe and enjoy the show.

You can view our complete program lineup on our website at and our YouTube channel. Explore our informative and entertaining shows!

Don’t be shy, follow us on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to get exclusive updates and the latest local and international news.

As the first state-owned TV station in Malaysia, TVS offers unique and engaging content in four languages: BM, English, Mandarin, and Iban.

Absolutely! You can watch all live streaming videos on our official Facebook page, under the name ‘TVS’ or ‘TVSTV (Entertainment)’.

At the moment, we do not have an app. However, you can still access TVS content through Astro Go

Currently it is not available. However, we are working to bring you live sports coverage soon!

We have yet to provide such service. However, you can stay informed by following our Facebook and Instagram page.

For more information or to inquire about TVS tours, you can email your request to

TVS may offer various types of tours depending on their facilities and availability. Some common tour options may include studio tours, office tours, or behind-the-scenes tours of the operations.

It’s advisable to check with as reservations are required for TVS tours. Studio tours often have limited spots, so making a reservation in advance are necessary.

TVS offers tours for both individuals and groups. Be sure to check if there are any specific requirements or limitations related to the number of participants for the tours by writing to

You can email your request to to arrange a courtesy visit to TVS. The Corporate Communications team will assist with any visitation matters.

We are eager to hear your intriguing proposal. Please submit your ideas to us at

Please email the details or invitation to

Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We welcome feedback to improve our content. You can contact us at or send a direct message to our Facebook or Instagram page.

We would love to hear from you! Share your ideas or opinion with us by submitting them to

Feel free to email our Sales & Marketing team at for your advertising needs and enquiries.

Be part of the TVS family by submitting your resume and pertaining documents to or click on this link to go to our career website.